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"Inline inspection helps accelerate production by up to 50 %"


In our interview, Christian Eitzinger from the applied research company Profactor explains how large fiber-composite components can be produced virtually defect-free in the aviation industry and some of the issues hybrid materials are raising in the automotive engineering field. He also gives an insight into how machine learning will change quality assurance. A very complex material has found its way into aircraft engineering in the form of fiber composites. Is an aircraft made with a high share of composites as safe as one with metal load-bearing structures?

Eitzinger: Definitely. Fiber composites are naturally complicated, due to the production process and inhomogeneity of the components. Conversely, the aviation industry has many years of experience in setting up production processes, quality assurance and inspection methods in such a way that the finished components are flightworthy and safe. While specific inspection methods do have to be applied to fiber...

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