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"There are still blanks on the lightweight design map"

  • Thomas Siebel

In an interview, Hans-Willi Raedt from Hirschvogel, who also chairs the Lightweight Forging Initiative, explains how considerable weight can be saved in series production vehicles using simple forging methods. At the same time, he criticizes the cost and effort involved in developing lightweight design technologies, if their usage is restricted to a limited series of vehicles. Steel, forging and lightweight design: how do these three concepts fit together?

Raedt: Seamlessly, even if the combination of "forging" and "lightweight" seems surprising at first glance. This was brought home to us in 2011. A discussion at the "Steel in Cars and Trucks" conference addressed the importance of sheet metal for lightweight design. With their TRIP, TWIP and dual-phase classes of steel, press-hardening, tailored blanks and a whole lot more, recent years have seen developers of flat-rolled steel break new ground in sheet-based lightweight design. And we forging technologists were...

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