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Companies + Research

Companies + Research

Schuler and Porsche

Joint Venture for Body Parts

Schuler and Porsche have set up a joint venture for the production of body parts. The European Commission has already cleared the joint venture, but other authorities have yet to give the go-ahead. The purpose of the joint venture between Schuler and Porsche is to set up a press shop, the so-called Smart Press Shop, for the flexible production of sophisticated body parts. The focus is on aluminum shell parts and the production of small batch sizes. The joint venture is managed as an independent GmbH & Co. KG. The shares are held equally by Schuler and Porsche, who are investing tens of millions of euros in the joint venture each. More than 100 new highly qualified jobs will be created. The location of the new company has not yet been determined. The joint venture supports the 2025 strategy, according to which Porsche intends to further expand its expertise in lightweight design.

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