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Products + Processes

Products + Processes

CG Rail

World's First CFRP Rail Vehicle

The Chinese-German company CG Rail has presented a rail vehicle made almost entirely of CFRP components. The project was commissioned by the world's largest rail vehicle manufacturer CRRC from the People's Republic of China. CG Rail has developed the essential modules: front cabin, car body, underfloor paneling and bogie frame. The car body consists of 70 % carbon fiber- reinforced plastic (CFRP) and is 30 % lighter than a conventional aluminum construction. A refined pultrusion process was used in production, enabling the company from Dresden (Germany) to efficiently produce large CFRP multi-chamber profiles with wall thicknesses of up to 25 mm as well as various fiber types and fiber orientations in one piece. The four main components of the bogie frame, the longitudinal and transverse beams, are made of CFRP. In an equally innovative, highly automated process, the textile reinforcement structures of the beams are produced in a braiding or...

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