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“Steel is set to remain dominant in the large-volume segment”

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Interview Materials in Vehicle Construction

For Dr. Oliver Schauerte, Head of Group Research for Materials and Manufacturing Processes at Volkswagen, steel is the material that matters when it comes to large-scale vehicle production. Nevertheless, according to him, the development of structural materials is moving strongly towards hybridization.Schauerte also looks to the future of material development, set to be revolutionized by the new potential quantum computation will open up. The Golf 7 marks the first time a new Golf is lighter than its predecessor. The majority of its weight is due to steel. Does this make steel the lightweight material of the hour?

Schauerte:Steel does qualify as the lightweight material of the day given that the steel industry has joined forces with car manufacturers and progressed considerably in terms of new steel grades over the last decade. In future, tensile strengths of up to 2000 MPa in the sheet metal sector may even be feasible. This was almost unimaginable just a decade...

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