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“Lightweight design must reflect the interests of industry”

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A position paper issued by a coalition of 18 industry associations and research bodies calls for a close dialog between politicians and industry. The aim is to develop Germany into the lead supplier of lightweight design using a variety of materials. Dr. Elmar Witten, AVK, played a leading role in formulating the paper. The outgoing federal government invested large amounts of research money in the development of lightweight design techniques in the last legislative period. Why should a new federal government put lightweight design back on the agenda?

Witten:Although the subject of lightweightdesign was enshrined in the previous government’s coalition agreement, industry was not involved in the formulation of the objectives. As industry representatives, we want lightweight design to be incorporated into the coalition agreement again — and we want to play an active role in shaping the content. Industry and politicians must work in unison. Politicians won’t gain...

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