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Tailored dual-phase steels for axial and lateral load cases

  • Patrick Kuhn
Materials Body

With their balanced property profile dual-phase steels differentiate positively from the features of complex-phase and retained-austenite steels. Thyssenkrupp shows the advantages of cold-rolled steel grades for lightweight design and crash-relevant structural parts for body development. New grades increasingly offer opportunities to make parts in keeping with the materials philosophy of the OEM in question using both cold and hot forming.

Several Development Strands

With around 400 billion euros in sales and almost 800,000 employees, the auto sector is Germany’s biggest industry — and it is undergoing a massive transformation. Beyond mere vehicle production, car manufacturers are evolving into mobilityservice providers, while at the same time internet companies, for example, are moving into automobile production. Boundaries are shifting.

From autonomous driving to hybrid cars to electric mobility, automobile manufacturers have to pursue several development strands simultaneously.



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