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Dry Machining of Multilayer Composite Materials in Aircraft Construction

  • Jens Ilg
  • Thorsten Müller
  • Sebastian Kuhn
Production Machining

In the final assembly stage, tool manufacturers need to control not only a range of materials and deliver maximum precision but must also master the cooling methods and tolerance specifications as well as the machinery used. Mapal is now launching a tooling concept for the reliable dry machining of material combinations such as CFRP-aluminium or various aluminium alloys that meet the high demands in this area.

The Challenge of Final Assembly

High-strength yet lightweight materials are of paramount importance in aviation. New combinations of materials allow weight to be further reduced, strength and corrosion resistance to be increased and assembly to be simplified thanks to an integrated design. While structural components made from aluminium, titanium or high-strength steels are processed on machining centres or gantry machines, components in the final assembly stage are usually processed using hand-guided machinery, drill feed units and robots.

The demands placed on tool...

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  • Jens Ilg
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  • Thorsten Müller
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  • Sebastian Kuhn
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  1. 1.Centre of Competence (CoC) Aerospace & CompositesMapalAalenDeutschland
  2. 2.Research and Development departmentMapalAalenDeutschland
  3. 3.Technical Marketing departmentMapalAalenDeutschland

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