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Carbon composite manufacturing in automotive volume production

  • Raphael Geiger
  • Julia Pahl
Production Volume Production

Lightweight constructions are a continuously increasing trend in the automotive industry. Main drivers for that trend are the challenging emission reduction targets regarding combustion engines and increasing ranges in electric mobility. This article presents different composite production methods and discusses their ability within mass production giving also an example within the automotive production.

Applications of Industrial Composites

Carbon composite structures are used in various industrial sectors. Different decision criteria regarding design, material, and manufacturing methods apply depending on the related sector. For instance, in mechanical engineering, we find self-supporting composite structures in accelerated and moved masses used to gain productivity and performance increases of machines and to reduce energy consumption in operation conditions. Moreover, specific characteristics of carbon fibers are used, for example, a negative thermal expansion coefficient or the...


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  • Raphael Geiger
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  • Julia Pahl
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