Hans Lindquist and Magnus Levin: Corpus Linguistics and the Description of English

2nd Edition, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 2018, 256 pp
  • Stefanie UllmannEmail author
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Corpus Linguistics and the Description of English is a practical textbook that provides a vivid introduction to the field of corpus linguistics and the description of English. According to the authors, it is intended for university students at intermediate or advanced level and may be used as reading and working material in seminars and lectures. It is primarily designed to guide through and assist with the hands-on investigation of existing corpora and provides the description of a great variety of possible research approaches. The book is an ideal introduction to the application of corpus-linguistic methods for students in linguistics, literature, gender studies or social sciences. It provides all the information needed to get started with your very own corpus-based research project without ever running the risk of becoming too technical or inapproachable, a task which can be challenging when covering corpus linguistics, i.e. a field that is becoming more and more complex.

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