Thermal management of microwave electronics in the radar system

  • V. SaravananEmail author
  • G. Kumaraguruparan
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This work aims at improving the state of the art cooling technique for Transmit Receiver Modules (TRMs) by employing the micro channel heat sink technology. The key objectives of this study are to (1) optimize process parameters (Channel width, Channel Height, and Fin width) of heat sink for minimal thermal resistance, (2) conduct numerical simulation of heat sink with optimized parameters, and (3) design and fabricate micro channel heat sink to cool TRMs with heat flux of 100 W/cm2. Taguchi L9 orthogonal array is formulated to optimize the parameters. CFD simulation method is employed to obtain the optimum combination of factors. The optimum combination of factors (Channel height-4 mm, Channel width-0.3 mm and Fin width-0.3 mm) for minimum thermal resistance is found. A heat sink is fabricated with the optimized parameters. Through experimental investigation, the thermal resistance of the fabricated heat sink is determined as 0.0636 °C/W which is found to be capable of cooling TRMs with 100 W/cm2.


Micro channel heat sink Transmit receiver modules Thermal resistance 



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