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Joseph Millum, The Moral Foundations of Parenthood

Oxford University Press, 2018, 168 pp., £41.99 (hardback), ISBN 9780190695439
  • Harisan Unais NasirEmail author
Book Review

The Moral Foundations of Parenthood provides an insightful account of how parental rights are grounded and how these rights are constrained by the interests of the child as well as our duties toward justice and fairness. The book furthers the current debate on the origin of parental rights, most notably, it advances the unique view of parental rights that Millum calls the “Investment Theory of Parental Rights”. On Millum’s picture, parental rights are constrained not only by the interests of the child, but also by our duties to bring about a more just society. The opening chapter of Millum’s work provides a succinct account of his methodology that importantly lays the procedural foundations on how we ought to think about parental rights. Furthermore, the proposed accounts in the book are also unified in a way that ensures the theories of moral parenthood are not merely ad-hoc to our current accounts of morality.

Millum’s Investment Theory proposes that ceteris paribus, parental goods...


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