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Digging the Bronx: Recent Archaeology in the Borough

Allan S. Gilbert (editor), Bronx County Historical Society, New York, NY, 2018. 277 pp., 107 figs., list of contributors, index. $25.00 paper
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When most historical archaeologists think about New York City, what probably first springs to the mind are the excavations at the African Burial Ground and the Five Points. The international significance of both sites and the remarkable archaeological research performed at each clearly commands attention. Those choosing to delve deeper into the archaeology of the city, however, will quickly discover that all five boroughs have rich and diverse archaeological histories. This book concentrates on the archaeology of the Bronx, the city’s northernmost borough.

In chapter 1, Michael Cohn provides a concise history of the borough’s archaeology beginning with the earliest efforts of the New York Legislature to preserve the city’s voluminous documentary record. By the early 1900s, amateur and professional archaeologists had begun to investigate the Bronx, with the efforts of Bolton and Calver being the most notable example known to historical archaeologists. Distinguished anthropologists such...


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