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RDE-ready thanks to technical plastic parts

  • Heinz Bühl
  • Heinz Fuchs
75 years of MANN+HUMMEL Plastics

With innovative technologies, MANN+HUMMEL is helping the international automobile industry to reach its CO2 targets. From resonance charging through integrated charge air cooling and thermal management to integration of electrical supercharging — the system supplier provides the corresponding focus through the functions of the product group coordinators for intake manifolds and for technical plastic parts.

Holistic approach

The role of the product group coordinators primarily comprises acting in an interdisciplinary manner in the company, because they are responsible for everything from strategy through to manufacturing — you could say they are the entrepreneurs within the company. This is a huge challenge that simultaneously offers great potential for change and fun. The particular thing about this for both experts is the comprehensive technical responsibility. In order to meet this challenge, they maintain continuous exchange with the development departments of customers, and future...


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  • Heinz Bühl
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  • Heinz Fuchs
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