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As the filter specialist looks back on 75 years of company history, MTZextra takes the opportunity of this festive occasion to speak with company CEO Alfred Weber about the core values, the current challenges and the future of MANN+HUMMEL.

Alfred Weber, born in 1957, studied Economics and Business Organization at the University of Munich. Before joining MANN+HUMMEL in January 2010, the business and economics graduate worked both in Germany and abroad for the US automotive component supplier BorgWarner as president of various business units. He is President & Chief Executive Officer of MANN+HUMMEL.

MTZextra _ Mr Weber, you manage a company that has always set sociopolitical standards; it was, for example, among the first to introduce a corporate health insurance company and an early adopter of employee participation in company success. Which of today’s values are particularly important to you and why?

Alfred Weber_ In the coming years, we aim to consolidate and develop our position as...


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