Legendre spectral Galerkin and multi-Galerkin methods for nonlinear Volterra integral equations of Hammerstein type

  • Moumita MandalEmail author
  • Gnaneshwar Nelakanti
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In this paper, we discuss the superconvergence of the Galerkin solutions for second kind nonlinear integral equations of Volterra–Hammerstein type with a smooth kernel. Using Legendre polynomial bases, we obtain order of convergence \({\mathcal{O}}(n^{-r})\) for the Legendre Galerkin method in both \(L^2\)-norm and infinity norm, where n is the highest degree of the Legendre polynomial employed in the approximation and r is the smoothness of the kernel. The iterated Legendre Galerkin solutions converge with the order \({\mathcal{O}}(n^{-2r}),\) whose convergence order is the same as that of the multi-Galerkin solutions. We also prove that iterated Legendre multi-Galerkin method has order of convergence \({\mathcal{O}}(n^{-3r})\) in both \(L^2\)-norm and infinity norm. Numerical examples are given to demonstrate the efficacy of Galerkin and multi-Galerkin methods.


Volterra–Hammerstein integral equations Smooth kernels Legendre polynomial Galerkin method Multi-Galerkin method Superconvergence rates 

Mathematics Subject Classification

45B05 45G10 65R20 


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