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Hyundai | Compact Excavator for Urban Environments

Hyundai has added the HX85A to its range of medium-sized excavators. This compact excavator in the 8- to 9-ton class is equipped with a new adjustable boom and a 49.9-kW Yanmar engine and will be available in Europe by the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. The demand-controlled load- sensing hydraulic system is characterized by good controllability, especially when several machine movements are carried out simultaneously. The maximum reach of the arm is 7.89 m, but even very tight work on the chassis is possible without problems. The maximum digging depth of the excavator is 4.65 m. The conventional upper carriage of the machine has a rear swivel radius of only 1.60 m (measured from the center of the machine). The excavator has high stability because of its very compact overall dimensions.

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