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Meiller | Robust Rock Tipper

Meiller's rock dumpers are based on the VS120 base plate (8 or 10 mm thick, 450 HBW hardness) in conjunction with the tried and tested strong pipe hinges and the rock dumper substructure. Special double-skinned side walls, welded in special fixtures, provide the necessary robustness and show no signs of damage from external impacts. The sideboards have an aluminum look, with a bright and attractive external appearance. The rock flap made of 8-mm VS120 can be operated pneumatically or hydraulically from the driver's cab, thus allowing very large boulders to be tipped backwards easily. The easy-to-open side wall, which together with the corner stanchion prevents the load from wedging during tipping, ensures safety when transporting large lumps of rocks. Thanks to the stone flap, pendulum wall, and removable mixing plates with dosing options, all tasks can be carried out both safely and easily.

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