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Reliable Object Detection for Autonomous Mobile Machines

  • Sebastian Jakobs
  • Andreas Weber
  • Dennis Stapp

Failsafe detection of people and objects in changeable weather and environmental conditions presents major challenges for manufacturers of autonomous mobile machines. The DIN EN 62998 draft standard for safety- related sensors designated for outdoor use is long on guidance, but short on specific procedural instructions. ITK Engineering presents an approach that looks at processes earmarked for automation as a whole. It spells out the specifics of developing and validating reliable object detection devices in compliance with the regulations of the DIN EN 62998 standard.


Safeguards for preventing accidents and injuries caused by industrial driverless transport vehicles usually come in the form of tactile or electro-sensitive safety devices. Varying weather and challenging environmental conditions are to be expected outdoors, hence systems developed for indoor use are unfit for this purpose. To enable autonomous machines to be used outdoors, the DIN EN 62998 standard defines...

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  • Sebastian Jakobs
    • 1
  • Andreas Weber
  • Dennis Stapp
  1. 1.ITK Engineering GmbHRülzheimGermany

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