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From Field Path Profile Detection to Component Testing

  • Wilhelm Fuchs
  • Gernot Pauschenwein

Based on modern simulation methods and high processing power, AVL has developed a fully integrated process which consistently incorporates the field path profile detection, the simulation and the test procedure. Without any need for arbitrary assumptions and estimations a cost-efficient test procedure has been deduced from the simulation. As a result, the real component lifetime corresponds quite accurately with the simulation and test bed results.


The development of chassis components requires special attention during tractor development. On the one hand the components have to withstand the mechanical loads and on the other hand they should be lightweighted to avoid soil compaction. Usually, the reliability of the design is warranted by strength analysis of the components carried out using the Finite Element Method (FEM) and by a succeeding mechanical fatigue analysis. In most cases a test bench run will be performed, before the vehicle is tested in the field.

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  • Wilhelm Fuchs
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  • Gernot Pauschenwein
  1. 1.AVL List GmbHSteyrÖsterreich

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