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Pinion Fuel Efficient Tapered Roller Bearings for Heavy Truck Commercial Vehicles

  • Jean Merckling

As part of a customer project, Timken has developed a highly efficient solution for the pinion shafts of heavy truck commercial vehicles. By means of newly designed fuel-efficient tapered roller bearings in the axle center transmission, bearing power losses were reduced by more than half compared with conventional bearings.

More Efficient Axle Transmission

The customer's objective for the new axle design was mainly to improve its efficiency over current production axle transmissions. Several factors, including oil viscosity, oil churning losses, pinion bearing design, and preload force, were optimized for that purpose. A fuel- efficient tapered roller bearing solution was defined to improve efficiency and meet the customer's target life requirements under the harsh operating conditions the axle transmission might experience (many duty cycles, several gear ratios). The differential standard bearing designs of the current axle were kept in the new axle because bearing power loss is...

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