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Optimization of Battery Electric Powertrains

  • Sam Fraser
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Commercial vehicles with diesel engines make the largest single contribution to road transport CO2 emissions in Europe, but zero-carbon battery electric solutions are often held back by high initial cost. Drive System Design has developed a process to minimize the initial investment required by focusing cost optimization across the entire powertrain system not just at each component level. The study also highlights the importance of clearly defining realistic use cases to maximize energy efficiency at minimal cost while also ensuring the optimized powertrain meets all functional requirements including range.


Commercial vehicles make up 5 % of the vehicles on the road, but they contribute 25 % of the CO2 produced by road transportation in Europe, the largest single source of CO2emissions in this sector [1]. To counter this, the EU has followed emission targets that already exist in the United States, Japan, China and Canada and imposed their first carbon dioxide emission...

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  • Sam Fraser
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