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Wider Scope — New Title

  • Alexander Heintzel

Dear Reader,

When it comes to private transport, a person’s individual freedom is the highest asset. But in the field of commercial vehicles, the main focus is on running costs. Total cost of ownership is the top priority for fleet managers, and this is precisely what makes the commercial vehicle sector a potential trailblazer in the rapidly changing world of transport and mobility. After all, environmentally friendly powertrains must not only work, they must also be economically viable if they are to become established in the long term.

The 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles impressively demonstrated the innovative strength of the commercial vehicle industry. Developments in commercial vehicles, whether for on-road or off-road applications, are in some cases way ahead of those in passenger cars, not only in the automation of driving functions, but also with regard to powertrain technology.

Our editorial focus reflects this development. For that reason, starting with the first issue of 2019, ATZoffhighway will also include heavy-duty on-road vehicles in its portfolio. And to document this wider scope, the title of our magazine will change accordingly: from issue 1/2019, it will be called ATZheavyduty.

We look forward to this new magazine, with both proven and new content, and hope that it will offer you as a reader even more impetus and significant added value in information. And we are also looking forward to exciting reports on the development of commercial vehicles — both on and off the road.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of ATZoffhighway.

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