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“We scientists must start triggering a storm of protest”

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Goods and passenger transport by road continues to grow in Europe. To date, most of this transportation has been performed by diesel-engined vehicles, which are currently the focus of strong criticism. Emissions thresholds are being tightened and a prohibition on vehicles — even those performing deliveries — may still happen. In an interview, Prof. Christian Beidl, TU Darmstadt, and Prof. Helmut Eichlseder, TU Graz, explain from a scientific perspective which alternatives to the status quo make sense as part of the transportation transition and what commercial vehicle drive options will play a role in the future.

ATZoffhighway_ Are the days of freight and passenger transport using diesel commercial vehicles numbered, or do you see potential to make them sustainable for the future through optimization and more effective exhaust gas aftertreatment?

Eichlseder_ Diesel commercial vehicles definitely have a future. Emissions achievements to date are nothing short of remarkable —...

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