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Bevel Gearbox with Vertical Drive Attachment for Industrial Trucks

  • Jürgen Schliermann
  • Mayk Krüger
Development Transmission

Customers today no longer have to wait for days for their product to be delivered. A simple click on a website is sufficient to set an ordering process in motion — and geographical distances are no longer an obstacle. All this has been made possible by logistical systems that have undergone dramatic changes in recent years, with highly automated warehouses and high- performance, energy-efficient material handling systems. ABM Greiffenberger has developed bevel gearboxes for electric industrial trucks in which the drive motor is arranged vertically. This ensures a very compact design.


The logistics sector will continue to grow in the future. According to experts, the key drivers will be increasing globalization and networking of markets, the individualization of society, and growing urbanization. However, in order to meet the challenges of the future, industry will need to rely on developments from the field of automation. The increasing electrification of vehicle fleets will...

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  • Jürgen Schliermann
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  • Mayk Krüger
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  1. 1.ABM GreiffenbergerMarktredwitzGermany

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