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Increased Efficiency of Agricultural Machines through Aluminum Storage Cylinders

  • Thorsten Hillesheim
  • Andreas Luxem
Development Hydraulics

The lighter the tractor and the larger its footprint, the less it compacts the soil. To minimize compaction, farm equipment manufacturer Claas has introduced a track tractor that uses advanced hydraulic cylinders from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies to keep the crawler system suspended and the track tight. The accumulator cylinder — which is made of lightweight aluminum — combines the functions of the hydraulic cylinder and the accumulator in a single complete system. This not only makes installation easier and leakage less likely — it decreases the tractor’s overall weight as well.


In modern agriculture, ever-larger cultivation and harvesting equipment requires increasingly powerful tractive forces — and that means more efficient, higher-performing tractors. When the exploitation is intensive, the weight of the tractors leads to greater soil compaction, which reduces farm productivity. Claas’s fully suspended half-track tractor, the Axion 900 Terra Trac is a promising...

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  • Thorsten Hillesheim
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  • Andreas Luxem
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  1. 1.Freudenberg Sealing Technologies GmbH & Co. KGWeinheimGermany

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