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Assistance system for narrow-aisle trucks compensates floor unevenness

  • Alexander Claus
Development Assistance Systems

Assistance systems, for example proximity controllers, parking aids, lane assistants or electronic stability controllers have long been standard equipment in many trucks. They are designed to warn the driver about critical driving situations or to intervene if a hazard exists. Assistance systems modelled on those in the automobile industry are now also coming into use in the industrial trucks area. In an industrial environment, they also contribute to reducing accident risks or not allowing them to arise in the first place. Here, however, they can contribute far more: Using assistance systems can also considerably increase efficiency. Still has now developed an assistance system for its narrow-aisle trucks that can compensate for uneven floors.

Safety and Assistance Systems

To counteract the causes of accidents with industrial trucks, the manufacturers of industrial trucks offer systems that reduce accident risks while contributing to increasing the efficiency of truck use at the same...


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