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“Data will have a sustainable impact on agricultural technology”

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Pitchfork and laptop: Agricultural technology has been focusing on digitization for some time now and with some projects it can be seen as a model for the mobility sector. In our interview, Peter-Josef Paffen, Chairman of the Management Board of Agco/Fendt, explains why electrification in agricultural technology will take place via the implement, why the autonomous robot Xaver will create completely new business models for Fendt and may well to a large extent replace the tractor in its current form for certain tasks.

ATZoffhighway _ Peter-Josef Paffen, for a long time it was the tractor that was the key product in your company. Today however, the Fendt catalogue includes combine harvesters, balers, tracked tractors, and even a first all-electric tractor. Have I covered all of the main aspects of a full-line manufacturer?

Paffen_ If you mean by a full-line manufacturer one that is equipped for all agricultural work and processes, then I would certainly see us as a full-line...

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