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Hydraulic Top Link with Integrated Shock Absorber

  • Wolfgang Adamek
  • Manuel Thiel
Development Hydraulics

The attachment of agricultural equipment in three-point linkage of tractors is still one of the most important technical systems for safety connecting tractors and implements. A key position comes here to the top link. It not only allows the adjustment of the inclination of attachments, but also the exact guidance of the device. However, with increasing engine power, increasing body weight and higher efficiency, demands on the top link are increasing. GKN Walterscheid has significantly developed the classic top link, so this technology offers advantages even in modern tractors with front axle suspension and electronic hitch control.

Requirements to the Three-Point Hydraulic Linkages

Over the past decades, agricultural engineering has been characterized by far-reaching developments. Amongst others, these include increased engine power, working widths, and payloads of agricultural vehicles. However, higher performance was in part also accompanied by undesired effects regarding tractor...

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  • Wolfgang Adamek
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  • Manuel Thiel
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  1. 1.GKN Walterscheid GmbHLohmarGermany

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