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Lithium-ion Technology Provides Boost in Efficiency for Industrial Trucks

  • Stefan Prokosch
Development Industrial Trucks

Lithium-ion battery technology is regarded as a milestone on the road to a more efficient use of energy. This makes it an interesting option not least for industrial trucks. There are different approaches to utilizing this technology. Linde Material Handling, for one, does not simply replace lead-acid batteries with lithium-ion batteries in its trucks, but has developed a complete battery/truck solution for each of its models in collaboration with partners. Both components, battery and vehicle, are perfectly matched to each other and specifically designed for the application requirements in intralogistics.

Standard Technology

The networked, digital world of the 21 stcentury is, quite literally, electrified. Regardless of whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet PC, a laptop or a digital camera — things many people take for granted in their everyday mobile lives would be inconceivable without lithium-ion batteries. Starting at the end of the 1980s, this innovative technology began its...

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  • Stefan Prokosch
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