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Electrohydraulic rear axle steering systems for agricultural vehicles

  • Marco Völker
  • Wolfgang Stadie
Cover Story Agricultural Machinery

Electrohydraulic auxiliary steerings for rear axles were successfully established in the commercial vehicle sector for many years. Thereby, the legally defined minimum turning circle, also known as BO Kraftkreis in German, can be fulfilled. For a three-axle truck for instance this legally defined minimum turning circle is 22 m and isonly achievable with additional rear axle steering depending on the wheelbase. In the case of agricultural vehicles such as tractors, the turning circle can also be reduced by a rear axle steering from Mobil Elektronik.

Advantages of Electrohydraulic Rear Axle Steering

The Lindner Tractor Factory produces small standard tractors from the type Lintrac 90 among other things. The main application areas of this tractor are the steep mountain- and meadowlands in Austria, Switzerland, Southern Germany and Slovenia. Steep slopes, obstacles such as trees and rocks, as well as narrow roads through villages and towns are part of the daily work of the farmer there....

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  • Marco Völker
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  • Wolfgang Stadie
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