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System Simulation of Cranes and Wire Rope Hoists

  • Sebastian Grützner
Development Simulation

For the design and optimisation of control strategies and for safety cases for cranes and hoists, there are two major aspects that play a crucial role: the three-dimensional interactions between the elastic wire ropes, the machine and the environment on the one hand and the influence of controlled drive systems on their behaviour on the other hand. ESI ITI has integrated efficient analysis methods into its system simulation software SimulationX.


Safety cases for cranes, which prove that they meet applicable safety requirements throughout various scenarios, such as erection, disassembly and transport, can be compiled in a reliable and efficient way with the help of simulations. They must also show that a crane can withstand mechanical stress beyond the recommended load or how to even prevent it automatically. The dynamic loads within the hoist drives and the influence of controlled drive units are therefore simulated for the aforementioned two scenarios. First ideas were...


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