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“Diesel engines could drive clean”

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Diesel engine manufacturers in particular are subject to ever-new and ever-intensifying demands. On the one hand, the increasingly pressing need to cut pollutant emissions. Conversely however, comes the drive to further reduce fuel consumption. ATZoffhighway spoke with Dr. Andrew Noble, Head of Heavy-Duty Engines at Ricardo UK, how such partially conflicting requirements can be solved.

ATZoffhighway _ Ricardo is one of the largest engineering services companies in the world. What role does the mobile machinery sector play in your organisation?

Noble _ The non-road mobile machinery sector is crucial to us. As far as the engine business is concerned, around 25 % of the entire engine business is for heavy duty, of which around 60 % is non-road engines.

Recently Ricardo attended the UN Climate-Change Conference in Marrakech. How did an engineering services company end up there?

Ricardo are not just an engineering services company, we also work in environmental areas. A key driver for us is...

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