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Communication Concepts for Mobile Machinery

  • Alexander Schramek
Development Automation

CAN is a well-established standard for the connection of control units in distributed control systems today and will remain one of the main technologies for connectivity in the near future. TTControl — Hydac International also offers other communication technologies that can act as a support and complement to the CAN interconnectivity between electronic control devices and are gradually introduced into modern systems.


Control systems nowadays usually do not consist of just one control unit (ECU) anymore, they are typically composed of a number of different units for various reasons like modularity, redundancy or reduced wiring, Figure 1. To connect the devices to each other, the first and most obvious idea is to connect them to a single bus. However, requirements such as reliability, security, and bandwidth may require the following scenarios:
  • — connect two ECUs with one bus or even more separate busses (point-to-point)

  • — separate safety relevant and comfort features by...


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