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“We will use the three-year window until the introduction of EU Stage V”

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Although the EU Stage V exhaust standard has not yet been finalised, it is already resulting in the introduction of new technological advances. How are manufacturers of engines for construction and agricultural machinery preparing for the deadline in January 2019? In an interview with ATZoffhighway, Dr. Carsten Intra, Executive Board Member at MAN Truck & Bus responsible for Development and Production, provides initial answers to this question and explains how he will be making use of the three-year window to introduce improvements to the company’s engines and why he is focusing on the thermal management systems of diesel engines.

Dr.-Ing. Carsten Intra(born in 1971) is an Executive Board Member at MAN Truck & Bus AG in Munich. In November 2015, he took over responsibility for the department of research and development from Bernd Maierhofer, in addition to his existing role of Executive Board Member responsible for Production and Logistics, which he has held since April 2012. After...

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