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Argo-Hytos | Pitching Vibration Damping for Wheel Loaders

If a wheel loader drives over a bump, the resulting shock is transferred from the tyre to the chassis, thus setting the mass of the boom with its attachment into motion. This results in dangerous boom oscillation, which can negatively affect the driving comfort, the safety and thus the handling performance of the machine. For unsprung mobile machines, Argo-Hytos offers vibration damping systems in different designs and combinations of features. What they all have in common is the fact that the movement of the bucket or boom is decoupled from the vehicle through hydraulic accumulators. Pipe rupture protection and constant accumulator pre-charging can be integrated, as can accumulator safety valves and drain valves. The individual functional modules can be combined to form a specific control block and can be easily integrated into existing hydraulic systems.

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