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“Autonomous industrial trucks will revolutionise logistics”

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In future, industrial trucks will play an increasingly important role in ensuring the efficiency of logistics systems. Thomas Fischer, Managing Director of the Still GmbH, explains why networking and connections to an Industry 4.0 infrastructure have been on the agenda for a long time. ATZoffhighway spoke to him about the complexity of modern fleet management systems, the lithium-ion technology that Still plans to introduce for almost all its vehicles by 2017 and the first autonomous industrial truck.

Thomas A. Fischer(born in 1959) is the CSO of Still GmbH, which is based in Hamburg. His career began at Lenze GmbH, where he held a number of different sales and marketing positions. He then moved to Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Renault Heavy Trucks, before joining Still GmbH in 1995. Here he was responsible for different areas of sales including the international export department, sales in Eastern Europe and the rest of the world and later Western Europe and Asia. In 2005, he was...

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