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Driver Assistance System for Counterbalance Trucks

  • Björn Walter
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Tip-over accidents with counterbalanced trucks are relatively rare; however, when they do occur they usually cause serious personal injuries and considerable damage to loading and operating equipment. In order to prevent such accidents, Linde Material Handling has developed a complex sensor system and control unit. The assistance system indicates to the driver key parameters such as the load weight and lift height, issuing warnings when the truck is operated close to the safety limits. In addition to that, the Active version of the system actively decelerates or even stops the driving and operating functions when it detects a critical situation. With its wide range of additional functions, such as lift height preselection or a load scale with totalling calculation function, the system helps the driver to operate the truck more productively.

Safety Requirements

About one quarter of all fatal accidents involving forklift trucks are tip-over accidents. Operators, drivers and manufacturers...


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