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3-D Driver Assistance System for Industrial Trucks

  • Michael Dold
Assistance Systems

Whether directly or indirectly, the majority of accidents in industrial environments continue to involve power-operated industrial trucks, with the latest accident statistics released by Germany’s Insurance Association for Trade and Distribution of Goods (BGHW) indicating that counterbalance forklifts are particularly heavily implicated. Accident blackspots are attributable to a whole range of different causes, which is why analysing and then evaluating incidents is so important. Only by doing this it is possible to lay the foundations for effective risk minimisation. Sick has developed sensor-based solutions, which have the potential to make a real impact on the risk of accidents. Consistently good performance is a vital element of them, as is acceptance by the truck drivers involved in these scenarios.

Causes of Accidents

Industrial trucks continue to be the factors most frequently involved in workplace accidents, with routine internal processes particularly affected. While there are...


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