Universal output feedback and Nussbaum gain adaptive control of supersonic missiles with unknown control direction

  • Junwei LeiEmail author
  • Heng Li
  • Ruiqi Wang
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Based on the previous works in Lei and Lin (Syst Control Lett 56:529–537, 2007) and Kim et al. (Control Eng Pract 12:149–154, 2004) two kinds of novel universal output feedback controllers are proposed to solve the unmeasurable states problem for a uncertain missile system. Furthermore, in order to solve the unknown control direction problem which is not considered in the above reference, the unilateral Nussbaum gain method is adopted. Finally, to integrate the universal output feedback method with the Nussbaum gain method better, a special regulation law for the controller is designed to update the Nussbaum gain. Also, the numerical simulation result testified the rightness of this method.


Unknown control direction Nussbaum gain Universal control Missile Adaptive 



The authors wish to thank his friend Heidi in Angels (a town of Canada) for her help, and thank his classmate Amado for his many helpful suggestions.


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