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Supported Catalysts for Continuous Flow Synthesis

  • Marco Colella
  • Claudia Carlucci
  • Renzo LuisiEmail author
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  1. Accounts on Sustainable Flow Chemistry


Flow chemistry and heterogenous catalysis hold incredible potential from a sustainability point of view and from a green perspective. In fact, if heterogenous catalysts are required by the chemical industry for their efficiency, on the other hand, heterogenous flow catalysis would allow performing greener and more efficient chemistry at an industrial level. In the context of sustainable flow chemistry, in this chapter we report and discuss selected examples recently published in the specialized literature on the use of supported organic and organometallic catalysts for continuous flow synthesis. The use in chemo- and stereoselective synthesis, as well as versatility and robustness of the newly developed supported catalysts are discussed.


Flow chemistry Supported catalysts Catalysis Synthesis Stereoselectivity Continuous processing 


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  1. 1.Department of Pharmacy, Drug SciencesUniversity of Bari “A. Moro”, FLAME-Lab-Flow Chemistry and Microreactor Technology LaboratoryBariItaly

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