Coverage pattern based framework to improve search engine advertising

  • Amar BudhirajaEmail author
  • Akhil Ralla
  • P. Krishna Reddy
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Sponsored search has emerged as one of the most dominant forms for advertising on the Web. In sponsored search, advertisers create ad campaigns and bid on the keywords of potential search queries related to a given product or service. It has been observed that search queries follow a long-tail distribution of a small yet fat head of frequent queries and a long and thin tail of infrequent queries. Normally, the advertisers tend to bid on frequent keywords related to search queries. As a result, the ad space of the tail portion of search queries is harder to exploit. In this paper, we have proposed an improved allocation approach to utilize the ad space of the tail keywords related to search queries based on the knowledge of coverage patterns extracted from the transactions formed from search query logs. The advertisers bid on potential concepts represented by coverage patterns which consist of a combination of head and tail keywords. By facilitating the advertisers to bid on the concepts, the proposed approach improves the ad space utilization of tail queries. Experiments on the real-world dataset of search query logs demonstrate that the proposed approach indeed improves the performance of search engine advertising by improving ad space utilization of tail queries.


Computational advertising Sponsored search Coverage patterns Data mining Internet monetization 



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