An alternative data analytic approach to measure the univariate and multivariate skewness

  • Ravindra KhattreeEmail author
  • Manoj Bahuguna
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We introduce a new measure of univariate skewness of a distribution or data based on quantiles and by using the concepts of even and odd functions. Based on this new measure, we then suggest an approach to define the multivariate skewness for the multivariate distributions and multidimensional data and accordingly suggest a measure for it. Using numerous data sets, we illustrate that Mardia’s measure of multivariate skewness appears to be ambiguous in what it actually measures and show that our measure not only has an intuitive appeal, it also unambiguously quantifies what one would view as the multivariate skewness. Approach presented here is data analytic and can be implemented on a computer. Based on the idea of orthogonal transformation of the data, we also suggest another multivariate measure of skewness which may be simpler to compute.


Asymmetry Mardia’s measure of multivariate skewness Quantiles Skewness 



We wish to thank three referees for their helpful suggestions.


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