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Circular Simple Shear Extrusion as an Alternative to Simple Shear Extrusion Technique


Recently, simple shear extrusion (SSE) was introduced to fabricate ultra-fine-grained materials. It was designed for billets with square cross sections and was investigated well previously. This study aims to introduce a new alternative design of simple shear extrusion process with a circular cross section, which is named circular simple shear extrusion (CSSE). Therefore, the finite element analysis is applied for investigating the deformation behavior during the CSSE process. The results show that the CSSE process fills the die with less back-pressure and the strain values are closer to theoretical ones in comparison with SSE with a square cross section. Moreover, this new alternative is needed to lower the extrusion pressure compared to SSE with a square cross section. In addition, the contact pressure and the maximum principal stress in a die with a circular cross section are lower in comparison with the square one which leads to a longer service life of CSSE’s die. Hence, this new geometry will provide more potential in terms of industrial applications.

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The authors appreciate Shiraz University for the financial support (Grant No. 96-GR-ENG-15) and the research facilities used in this work.

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  • Simple shear extrusion
  • SSE
  • Severe plastic deformation
  • Finite element analysis
  • Circular
  • CSSE