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On Divided Modules


Recall that a commutative ring R is said to be a divided ring if its each prime ideal P is comparable with each principal ideal (a), where \(a\in R.\) In this paper, we extend the notion of divided rings to modules in two different ways: let R be a commutative ring with identity and M a unital R-module. Then M is said to be a divided (weakly divided) module if its each prime submodule N of M is comparable with each cyclic submodule Rm (rM) of M, where \(m\in M\) (\(r\in R)\). In addition to give many characterizations of divided modules, some topological properties of (quasi-) Zariski topology of divided modules are investigated. Also, we study the divided property of trivial extension \(R\ltimes M\).

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We would like to thank the referee for his/her great effort in proofreading the manuscript.

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  • Divided ring
  • Divided module
  • Trivial extension

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  • 13C10
  • 13A15
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