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Viscous Extended Cosmic Chaplygin Gas with Varying Cosmological Constant in FRW Universe

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In this paper, we study the viscous extended cosmic Chaplygin gas whose equation of state reduces to extended Chaplygin gas in the limit \(\omega \rightarrow 0\) with varying cosmological constant in flat FRW universe. In this framework, we assume the bulk viscosity \(\zeta \) and cosmological constant \(\Lambda \) as a linear combination of two terms, one is constant and other is a function of dark energy density \(\rho \). We obtain generalized Friedmann equations due to bulk viscosity, cosmological constant and extended cosmic Chaplygin gas. We calculate the time-dependent dark energy density \(\rho \) for various values of n and \(\alpha = 1/2\) both analytically and numerically. We analyse the behaviour of scale factor, Hubble expansion parameter and deceleration parameter graphically and discuss the stability of the model by using square of speed of sound.

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The authors express their sincere thanks to the anonymous referees for their valuable suggestions to improve the manuscript. This work is supported by Fund for Improvement in Science and Technology Infrastructure (FIST) Level-I program of DST, New Delhi, Grant No. SR/FST/MSI-114/2016 and also supported by Special Assistance Programme (SAP-DRS Phase-II) - UGC sanction F. No. 510/11/DRS-II/2018 (SAP-I) dated 09-04-2018.

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Correspondence to G. S. Khadekar.

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  • FRW cosmology
  • Extended cosmic Chaplygin gas
  • Bulk viscosity
  • Cosmological constant