Bivariate Dunkl Analogue of Stancu Type q-Szász–Mirakjan–Kantorovich Operators and Rate of Convergence

  • Mohd. AhasanEmail author
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In the present paper, we prove some results on rate of convergence for Dunkl analogue of Stancu type q-Szász–Mirakjan–Kantorovich operators in terms of second-order modulus of continuity and Lipschitz functions. Further, we construct the bivariate extension of these operators and obtain some approximation results.


q-Integers q-Exponential functions q-Hypergeometric functions Szász operators Dunkl analogue of Stancu type q-Szász–Mirakjan–Kantorovich operators Modulus of continuity Lipschitz functions Peetre’s K-functional 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 41A25 41A36 Secondary 33C45 



The author would like to thank the reviewers for their useful suggestions which improved the present paper.


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