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Laser beam build-up welding of AlSi12-powder on AlSi1MgMn-alloy substrate

  • Wei ZhangEmail author
  • Anton Evdokimov
  • Leander Schleuß
  • Ralf Ossenbrink
  • Vesselin Michailov
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In the present work, laser beam build-up welding of AlSi12 alloy powder on AlSi1MgMn-alloy (EN AW-6082) substrate has been studied to determine the laser deposition strategy for fabrication of 3-D structure. First, the influence of laser power, scanning speed and powder feeding rate on the output parameters, such as clad geometry, dilution ratio, powder efficiency and porosity were analysed for deposition of a single track. Mathematical relationships were then established and the optimal parameters were identified by the desirability approach. Second, these optimal process parameters are furthermore adjusted to fabricate rectangular, cylindrical and complex combination volumes; different layer deposition strategies are used and evaluated. Finally, by using an adapted deposition strategy, one prototype consisted of different complexly shaped elements on one curved Al-alloy substrate without welding fusion defects was manufactured. The average tensile strength of deposited samples with four different layer deposition directions (vertical 0°/90°; horizontal 0°/90°; horizontal 0° and horizontal 90°) was measured, respectively, which are comparable strengths or higher than those of cast samples. The microstructure of the laser-deposited material is investigated using optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy as well as microcomputed tomography. Microstructure and hardness of deposited multilayers exhibit inhomogeneous distributions, which vary with the deposit location.


Laser beam build-up welding Laser metal deposition AlSi12 Additive manufacturing Build-up strategy 



This work was supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) under the Major Research Instrumentation program INST 263/59-1 FUGG; the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) under Grant no. 85002924. The authors are grateful to Prof. M. Bambach, Chair Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg for the collaboration and to Mr. M. Priefer for the experimental support.

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  1. 1.Department of Joining and Welding TechnologyBrandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-SenftenbergCottbusGermany

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