Biocorrosion and Mechanical Properties of ZXM100 and ZXM120 Magnesium Alloys

  • Alper IncesuEmail author
  • Ali Gungor


In this study, as-cast Mg, ZXM100 (1.07Zn–0.21Ca–0.31Mn) and ZXM120 (1.01Zn–1.63Ca–0.30Mn) alloys were produced by gravity die casting method, and microstructure, phase analysis, corrosion and mechanical properties of the alloys were investigated comparatively in order to develop degradable Mg-based biomaterials with improved properties. It is observed that Ca2Mg6Zn3 phase is expected to be present in ZXM100 (1.07Zn–0.21Ca–0.31Mn) alloy totally dissolved in the α-Mg matrix after homogenization heat treatment. However, Mg2Ca phase is expected to be present in ZXM100 (1.07Zn–0.21Ca–0.31Mn) alloy partially dissolved in the α-Mg matrix. Results showed that ZXM100 alloy has a much more homogeneous structure, a better performance, higher corrosion resistance and mechanical properties than those of as-cast Mg and ZXM120 alloy. ZXM100 (0.099 mm/year) alloy has a three times slower corrosion rate than ZXM120 (0.294 mm/year) alloy. It is found that the ZXM100 alloy has closer values to the desired corrosion rate and mechanical properties as a biodegradable implant material.


degradable biomaterials Mg–Zn–Ca–Mn alloys mechanical properties Hank’s solution 



This work was supported by the Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit of Karabuk University. Project Number: KBU-BAP-16/2-DR-100.

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