Enakshi Ray Mitra: Later Wittgenstein on Language and Mathematics: A Non-foundational Narration

Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, 2017, 351 pp, Rs. 745/-
  • Ramesh Chandra Pradhan

The book by Dr. Enakshi Ray Mitra is on Wittgenstein’s later philosophy of language and mathematics. It is an exhaustive study of the Wittgenstein’s later views on language and mathematics with a view to provide a non-foundational narrative of the entire corpus of the concepts dealt with by Wittgenstein in his later writings. Dr. Ray Mitra has built up a narrative around some of the central themes of Wittgenstein’s later philosophy such as language games, forms of life, family resemblance and aspect seeing which have a direct connection with his philosophy of mathematics. For Wittgenstein, mathematics goes the same way as language because the language of mathematics is no different from language per se having no foundations on which to stand. If language is a form of life, so is mathematical language which depicts how the human beings engage in the use of the mathematical concepts such as number, addition and division. With a number of illustrations, Dr. Ray Mitra has explained the...

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